Division Wide Open House



 Division 11 hosts a Division Wide Open House and also lists with The Model Railroad Open House, a larger event covering several states which takes place each November, in conjunction with National Model Railroading Month. The schedule will be made available around October 1st each year via the following link:

The Model Railroad Open House

For those interested in opening their model railroads to be included on the tour, please send an e-mail to Wayne Betty with the subject "Model Railroad Open House Layout Submission".

Copy the following form into the body of the e-mail and then complete the requested information. Your submission may be completed any time throughout the year. On September 1 each year, owners of all registered layouts will be contacted for open house dates for the forthcoming tour.

Your Full Name: _________________________________________________

Model Railroad Name: ____________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: PA     Zip: _______________

County: ______________________________ NMRA Division: SUSQUEHANNA

Affiliations: NMRA, ______________________________ Ex: PRRT&HS, OpSIG, etc.

E-mail Address: _________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________________

Layout Restrictions: _____________________________ Ex: Not ADA accessible, etc.

Scale: ____________

Control: ______________________________ Ex: DC, Digitrax DCC, NCE DCC, CMRI, JMRI etc.

Layout Description: ______________________________________________________________