Upcoming Susquehanna Division 11


What's on tap for this year in Div 11

Sep 16-17, Mainline Hobby Weekend Layout Open Houses, Blue Ridge Summit.

Oct 6-7, LSOP9, Lancaster-Harrisburg and Allentown-Lehigh Valley.

Oct 12-15, MER Convention - The Susquehannock, Harrisburg.

 Click here for more information - Susquehannock

Nov 4-19, Division Grand Layout Tour




Future events  

We would like to schedule more meets with museum visits, clinics, and layout tours in the future.  Please, let us know if you'd like to open your layout to the division membership.  Also, let us know if you have additional ideas for a Division meet.

If you will be willing to host a Division event or help arrange one, please contact Barry Schmitt, Susquehanna Division 11 Superintendent, or contact any division officer.